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Differences Between Oris Accounting 5 and Oris Accounting 7

Oris Accounting 7 is a new, more developed software product compared with Oris Accounting 5. It’s created on a new platform by taking all the newest standards into consideration. There’s an addition of technological and functional updates, as well as new license types.

Oris Accounting 5 license is not enough to work with Oris Accounting 7. If you own an Oris Accounting 5 license with the permission to update, it is possible to receive Oris Accounting 7 license from Oris LTD without any additional expenses. After this, you will be able to work with both software products. We may not be able to write the license for Oris Accounting 7 into the electronic keys purchased before 2012. In this case, you should purchase only the electronic key.

Oris Accounting 5 Oris Accounting 7
Accounting differences
Operations are saved in the form of double entry. Operations are saved in the form of T operation. It is no longer needed to use transit accounts for turnover between warehouses/projects and to perform an action connected with analytics.
Off-balance entries in the form of double entry Single entry record in T operation. Does not need balancing.
Single base (register) currency Two base (register) currencies. Financial analysis (consolidation) not only in lari, but also in other currencies (eg USD or EUR) by historical exchange rate using accounting equivalents. Revaluation of account balances in relation to both register currencies
Prime cost per each warehouse Prime cost per unit as well as per group cost Center (Warehouse). It is possible to maintain the total prime cost of the item, for example, at the customs or warehouses located in the region.
System owner, Items, Debitor/Creditors don't have field [VAT Type] System owner, Items, Debitor/Creditors has field [VAT Type], which allows managerial operations to calculate and exclude VAT values from the value of the item itself.
Transaction algorithms
One question on one screen Many questions on one screen. Maintenance of tables by accessing support lists
Technical differences
Maintenance of FI keyboard layout Maintenance of KA keyboard layout. No need to install an additional keyboard driver
Maintenance of Oris, Geo_times, SPLiteraturuli fonts Maintenance of unicode. No need to install an additional fonts.
Topspeed database. File/server technology of working within the network. Convenient for database migration. SQLCe and MSSQL database. Client/server technology of working within the network In a single-computer mode, SQLCe is more convenient than Topspeed, because it uses the SQL language and the database is in a single file. In the network mode, MSSQL client/server technology is more resistant to network defects.

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