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Oris Accounting 5 Prices

Because of the current situation in our country, we have changed the rules of supplying our customers with newly purchased software. See the updated rules below. Software upgrades will be done as usual. Any other services will be given remotely.

Prices are given including VAT, Payment by bank transfer. Prices are valid during 3 days from offer. 


Product Name


Number Of Users

Single Currency Multi Currency
For Non-Resident* For Resident For Non-Resident* For Resident

Oris Accounting

A01S 360 USD 0 GEL - -
A05S 960 USD 0 GEL - -
A10S  10  1560 USD 0 GEL - -
A01M  - 600 USD 0 GEL
A05M  - 1440 USD 0 GEL
A10M  10  - 2340 USD 0 GEL
A01ST  410 USD 0 GEL -
A05ST  1210 USD 0 GEL -
A10ST  10  2060 USD 0 GEL -
A01MT  - 650 USD 0 GEL
A05MT  - 1690 USD 0 GEL
A10MT  10  - 2840 USD 0 GEL

Additional Information Table

T(ATBR)  50 USD 0 GEL 50 USD 0 GEL
Update  ****/U  20% from license price 
Upgrade to multi currency  ****S/M Difference between prices
*A non-resident  means a person referred to in Article 8, paragraph 4 of the Tax Code of Georgia .


Oris LTD will supply newly purchased software in Tbilisi via Georgian Post. (See the new rules of supplying, only available in Georgian here: Supplying of software will also be done by the service partners of Oris LTD.
We will supply the software during 5 days from the day money appears on our bank account, on Monday and Thursday, from 09:00 to 14:00.
Electronic Key without activation is sold only in cases when a customer is purchasing new software or when the electronic key is physically damaged, but the license in it can still be read.
During the supplying of the accounting software, the buyer receives an Electronic key without activation (HASP), we will send activation of the given electronic key via e-mail (after the electronic waybill is confirmed on and will receive the services for one year:
Right to download new versions from the Internet
Hotline consultations
Remote assistance from Oris LTD (via TeamViewer 9)